About The Artist

"Osprey Flight"
From a Private Collection

"One of the earliest memories of my youth was looking up into the sky and discovering a blaze of color and light patterns. I have never quit." 

Artist Jeff Gandert with his Llewellin Setter Gracie Mayhem, and English Setter Ruger .
  Artist Jeff Gandert was born with a passion for wildlife and the natural world, as well as an innate love of color and representational painting. He divides his painting time between wildlife and landscapes."My landscape painting appeals a bit more to my fun-loving side. I work quickly with broad loose strokes, capturing the essence of the day. I can really let go and make hay with those brushes. My wildlife paintings however, reflect more to my serious side. I submerse myself in the painting working out the components and composition and then getting into the depth and details. Some of these paintings can take hundreds of hours to complete. The most important aspect of my wildlife painting is the emotional content of the painting. Fusing the emotional spirit of the animal I'm portraying with my own innermost feelings and sensitivities toward that animal allows me to give it a 'presence' and to create and convey an overall mood within the painting. This is, for me, the single most gratifying and fulfilling part of the artistic process. Becoming a wildlife and landscape artist was an absolute". 
 Artists typically have a passion for one or two types of subject matter and /or style such as American Impressionist, Child Hassam with his love for Cityscapes as well as landscape painting. Willard Metcalf  with his stunning New England scenes, and artist John Singer Sargent, the premier portrait painter who later in life devoted so much passion to landscape painting.
 "I think it's a very natural passage for an artist to specialize like this. It certainly is for me. I cannot remember not being excited by seeing a bird going about its routine, even a common one like an English Sparrow, or catching a glimpse of a woodchuck hightailing it for its den, or maybe a migrant flock of blackbirds spilling across an October sky. The vibrancy and electricity within the natural world, whether it be wildlife or landscape, is something I never tire of. In fact the reverse is true. My passion for the natural world continues to grow. This type of specialized interest affords an artist a lifetime of study of his subject matter".
 Jeff's paintings have been exhibited across the country and around the world including the Society Of Animal Artists annual exhibition and tour as well as the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's Birds in Art Exhibit and World Tour. His 2002 exhibit "Wildlife, Landscape & Wildlife in Landscape" at the Journey Museum in Rapid City South Dakota was just one of his many one-man exhibitions. His paintings have won him numerous national awards including three time winner of the top award at the Kentucky National Wildlife Exhibition, the  Society of Animal Artists Elliot Liskin Memorial Award for Representational Painting and the coveted Society Of Animal Artists "Award Of Excellence".

 Jeff resides in Southwestern Ohio with his two setters Ruger and Gracie Mayhem. Ruger is ornery in a playful sort of way and Gracie Mayhem lives up to her name on a daily basis.